Here at M-TEC we are always looking at ways to improve the services we offer to our customers. Many of our recently developed and delivered projects have required M-TEC to provide ‘Fully Functional’ and ‘Fully Trimmed’ assemblies and models. To this end we are now developing our trim development to become more of a front end service as well as a bolt-on to our existing portfolio.

As well as providing our normal design and development support in conjunction with prototypes, we are now offering the next step in low volume support. From 1-off samples manufactured and trimmed internally through to show cars and full interiors.

Whether you are looking for a development partner to support in Interior Design, Prototypes and Manufacture or simply assistance to your existing development programme. Our experienced trimmers are able to provide support, advice and scanning of patterns in order to support your programme. If this service is of interest to you please feel free to get in touch to see how we at M-TEC can assist.

Below are a number of examples of ‘Trimmed’ assemblies designed and developed by the team, this will give you an insight into the teams capabilities.