Our express service is quick and easy to use. If you have a CAD/Computer model ready to go which fits within a bounding box of 293mm x 191mm x 148mm, simply complete the form below including any specific requirements you have, upload your CAD data and we will send you a quote with lead time via email. If you wish to proceed reply with your order confirmation and we will create your parts to your specification.

If you have any queries about what we can offer, tick the “request call back” option and our experienced team will give you a call to discuss your requirements.



Rapid prototyping or additive layer manufacturing is a process of taking a three dimensional computer model, splitting the model into horizontal slices and then printing each layer in order, one on top of another to gradually build a physical representation of the computer model.

Our express service utilises our state of the art Polyjet 3D printing capability with industry leading print resolution, each printed layer is less than 0.03mm. This reduces the noticeable “stepping” associated with additive layer manufacturing, giving you the highest quality parts and finest detail of any rapid prototype technology available.



For typical fit and function testing, parts can be supplied self-finished providing a high quality, detailed surface. Self-finished parts have a typical accuracy of 0.1-0.15mm (Accuracy may vary depending on part geometry, size, orientation and material)

Alternatively a range of paint or lacquer finishes can be offered as required. State your requirements on the enquiry form or request a call back and we would be happy to discuss the options with you.



Unless otherwise specified, parts will be made in our standard material; VeroGray Fullcure 850. This material replicates ABS plastic; it is highly durable, dimensionally stable and offers great detail visualisation. See the material specifications below.


VEROGRAY FULLCURE 850VeroGray Fullcure 850


If this material is not suitable for your application we also offer a range of option materials similar to the above in white, black or blue as well as a polypropylene equivalent material, DurusWhite Fullcure 430


VEROWHITE FULLCURE 830VeroWhite Fullcure 830

VEROBLACK FULLCURE 870VeroBlack Fullcure 870

VEROBLUE FULLCURE 840VeroBlue Fullcure 840

DURUSWHITE FULLCURE 430DurusWhite Fullcure 430

A more comprehensive material range and larger part size is available via our Comprehensive Service or make an enquiry here.