Design & Styling

Here at M-TEC Engineering Projects we aim to offer the fullest service possible to ALL of our customers. From your initial design ideas our Graphic Designers will take your interpretations and ideas and make them into a reality. The M-TEC Graphic Designer's use more


The Bill of Materials (BoM) is at the heart of Product Data Management (PDM) and the M-TEC Engineering Services Team aims to remove the burden of technical administration relating to creation and on going maintenance of the BoM, thus allowing the client to focus on their own core expertise more

Concept Generation

Here at M-TEC we pride ourselves in Developing Design concepts and ideas with a high level of feasibility in order to validate a concept into a workable DFA solution. The Team works closely with the customer in order to ascertain the requirements, boundaries and aspiration more

Design & Development

At M-TEC Engineering Projects we use both CATIA V5/V6® and Unigraphics (NX)® packages, in order to support our clients. Our service's can be offered either On or Off-Site to meet your requirements. more

Exterior Trim

The M-TEC team have been involved in the Development of a number of BIW Structures alongside the OEM’s Engineering and design teams. Based in our Coventry Office the Team worked closely with the OEM in order to develop a solution that met all the required Quality and Manufacturing constraint more

Interior Trim

M-TEC has been involved in the Development of a number of Vehicle Interiors, ranging from Full interiors to individual parts and components. Projects have been developed alongside the OEM’s own Engineering and design more

Bespoke Mechanisms

Here at M-TEC we have a Specialist Team developing a wide range of ‘Bespoke’ Mechanisms and concepts in order to further enhance our ability to support our customers. The team utilises the very latest Rendering and Kinematic software in order to present a realistic representations of our mechanism concepts. more

Seating Systems

M-TEC have assisted both TIER 1's and OEM's directly with development of seating systems. These developments range from Concept studies on 'New' Technologies, Mechanisms and Materials to Development and Manufacture of Production intent Seats and Systems. more

Packaging Studies

M-TEC's team of packaging and concept designers work closely with your Advanced Engineering teams in order to ensure that products are developed in context and taking into account the relevant surrounding data. We are able to do this with the various 'Direct' customer PLM links we have in place. more

VA/VE & Problem Solving

M-TEC Engineering Projects experienced Engineering & Quality Team's utilise the very latest in problem solving techniques to assist you and your business achieve the results you need. At M-TEC Engineering Projects we use the very latest Engineering Quality Improvement tools more

DFMEA & DVP Creation

M-TEC Group’s DFMEA/DVP Team have first and experience of assisting the Engineering and Design teams in the development of concepts and products that adhere to the industry requirements. M-TEC’s Team have experience in sectors such as Automotive and FMCG and use the industry standard DFMEA Creation more

CAE/FEA Analysis

M-TEC Engineering Projects can offer a wide range of CAE/FEA Support, with experience in Aerospace, Automotive, Military and Product industries. Our experienced and highly motivated Team use the best available hardware and advanced application software to provide a full range more

Prototypes & Models

M-TEC Engineering Projects offers a comprehensive range of prototyping and rapid manufacture solutions. Whether seeking urgent supply of high quality one-offs, pre-production batch samples or large scale mock-ups M-TEC are able to support our customer’s needs. more

Prototype Enquiry

Simply upload you’re CAD file here and we will get straight back to you with a quotation and lead time. Once we receive your order confirmation, requests can often be turned around with 24 hours. more

Express Service

For rapid prototype parts which fit within a bounding box of 293mm x 191mm x 148mm. Click the link for more information and to simply upload you’re CAD file and we will get straight back to you with a quotation and lead time. Once we receive your order confirmation, requests can often be turned around with 24 hours more

Comprehensive Service

For more complex projects, including features such as, larger parts, flexible materials, mixed materials, high temperature applications, reactive materials, living hinges, transparent parts, high quality surface finish, high colour parts, large scale mock-ups or if you require help in creating your 3D model. We can supply parts including these and other aspects as well as providing support and consultation along the way. Click the link for more information, to submit an enquiry, upload a file or request a call back from our experienced team. more

Volume Service

For quick supply of pre-production batch samples or short run final components through methods including CNC, injection moulding, vacuum casting and additive manufacturing. Click the link for more information, to submit an enquiry, upload a file or request a call back from our experienced team. more

Prototype Gallery

Below are some of the Prototype examples we at M-TEC have produced for internal validation of concepts as well as for various Clients. more

Trim Development

As well as providing our normal design and development support in conjunction with prototypes, we are now offering the next step in low volume support. From 1-off samples manufactured and trimmed internally through to show cars and full interiors. Whether you are looking for a development partner to support in Interior Design, Prototypes and Manufacture or simply assistance to your existing development programme. Our experienced trimmers are able to provide support, advice and scanning of patterns in order to support your programme. If this service is of interest to you please feel free to get in touch to see how we at M-TEC can assist more

Resource Management

The M-TEC Engineering Projects programme management team has an excellent track record of delivering Quality Products, On-Time and within Budget. The programme management team have delivered everything from Mechatronic Swithgear through to Vehicle Safety Systems. more

Secure Data Transfer

M-TEC Engineering Projects uses a Majenta Exchange Data Portal, allowing us to send and receive data securely to and from remote office locations and supplier companies, anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available. more