Accredited ‘Follow-on’ workplace experiences for Under Graduates and Apprentices.

M-TEC Engineering Projects are now offering ‘Platinum Leader’ experience, inline with the Industrial Cadets framework and following on from the ‘Platinum’ level, Graduates and Apprentices alike whom are successful in graduating at Platinum leader level will further strengthen their communication and leadership skills and experience by mentoring and challenging external schools.

The under graduates and apprentices will be expected to have significant input into school engagement (e.g. school presentations, assistance with WEX hosting, mentoring, role model interaction) as well as representing M-TEC Engineering Projects in community initiatives or making an additional impact by going the extra mile with the company itself.

The programme components and skills and competency framework illustrate the employability skills and personal learning and thinking skills acquired by each individual.

If either you are interested in learning more about this and other schemes please feel free to contact the Industrial Cadets here.