15/09/2015M-TEC Group’s 3rd Gold Level Industrial Cadet

M-TEC Group’s third Industrial Cadet GOLD Graduation of A.Manns. A.Manns successfully completed a development programme, resulting in the creation of a detailed CAD design and manufacture of a Truck Model. This was then prototyped using our very own 3D printer. Congratulations on an excellent presentation and London Bus model. #IndustrialCadets #STEM

Cadets Leadership Team

M-TEC WORK EXPERIENCE02/09/2015M-TEC are proud to announce joining the Industrial cadets Leadership team.

The panel will consist of Industry and EDT (Local and National) representatives with the overall goal being to raise aspirations of young people towards careers in manufacturing and industry through a high quality, high profile skills based school engagement structure within which they can gain awareness, experience and employability skills related to the sector. The leaderships Teams objectives for this programme are to:

⇒ Create a sustainable structure within which development and growth can take place;
⇒ Create an identity for Industrial Cadets which provides profile and recognition, with relevant accreditation options
⇒ Ensure that Industrial Cadet experiences are developed and delivered consistently and to a high standard, meeting the key elements of the skills framework(s), monitored through feedback and project outcomes, and continuously improved based on evaluation data and best practice
⇒ Grow the programme by recruiting new companies, partners, organisations (eg unions and sector bodies) and stakeholders, extending the geographical reach, and devising delivery models that enable this
⇒ Create an engagement structure accessible for companies/organisations of all sizes
⇒ Provide Industrial Cadets with channels and signposting through which they can advance their interests and participate in further activities, experiences, projects etc; the key elements of an Industrial Cadets development to be based around skills and active experience relevant to their age group.